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BIC/MRJC Direct Action Training

Join us for a Direct Action Training!

This training will provide space to reimagine what it means to put "boots on the ground". Register Here!

The plan for the training:

-Introduce a Black Direct Action framework that includes care
-Outline the basics of Direct Action and safety
-Generate strategic ideas for direct action through creative play
-Prepare ourselves to take action

The training will provide common language and understanding about Black centered direct action with care and safety. It also will allow for Community to think critically with each other and create strategies with the concepts discussed in the session. 

The training will take place on Friday, October 29th from 10am – 4pm and Saturday, October 30th from 10am – 2pm. It will be hybrid training, with participation available virtually or in-person, with COVID precautions and agreements in place for those attending in person. Lunch will be provided. We will email you with login details after you have completed the registration form.


About Black Out Collective (BOC)

The BlackOUT Collective is a full service Black direct action organization that provides on the ground support, training and deep space visioning in communities that prioritize the liberation of Black people.  BOC is addressing “anti-Blackness” and views direct action as a critical movement strategy to achieve this outcome both in terms of internalized oppression as well as historic and contemporary manifestations of white supremacy.

Using direct action training and support as a vehicle, BOC is able to help organizations craft strategies that win; in addition to training newly formed formations of politicized Black people. Over the years, they have witnessed the power of direct action to create instant accountability and the ability to quickly amass power in Black communities. The aim is to increase and harness that power.

What is Direct Action?

BlackOUT Collective Defines direct action as "a tactic used to make an immediate intervention that stops business as usual. The purpose is to cause a crisis of conscience for the public, and a crisis for the state, the elite, and/or corporations. It is transformational in nature for those using the tactic, and aims to transform the practitioner, material conditions, target, and the relationship of the oppressed to power."

Register Here!


We invite all those who want to know more about direct action centering care and safety. If you have questions about the training, please reach out to Ashley - or 475-355-5091.